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Apples Geheimnis: Das große Ganze

Das Geheimnis von Apple liegt nicht im Detail, sondern im großen Ganzen. Deswegen scheitern Firmen, die sich nur ein Aspekt von Apple abschauen. Apple: More Than a Pretty Face

To succeed like Apple, companies need to understand more deeply the consumer they are targeting. Apple recognizes that it can’t have everyone as its customer. It is willing to alienate some segments by appealing to a strong core of people that sociologists refer to as the Cultural Creatives. These are the people who wait in line overnight for the latest iPod or MacBook. Focusing on the Cultural Creatives in turn attracts followers who might not otherwise trust the brand.Observe the next 10 people you see on the street with an iPod and ask yourself how many of them represent the Cultural Creatives featured in Apple’s advertising. One, maybe two? Address your core audience. The rest will follow. That’s how you sell 10 million iPods in one quarter.In the hands of an artful company like Apple, design is the vehicle for driving meaningful, relevant experiences that are authentic to the brand. It’s not about paring product lines or making cool stuff. Done right, design can add value to the bottom line and the brand. Design done right goes beyond the appearance and behavior of the object itself. It takes the entire product ecosystem into consideration. Design done right sees technology as an enabler, not the solution.Apple creates holistic experiences that inspire strategic partners like accessory manufacturers and content providers to build up the platform. Apple understands: It’s not about market share. It’s about mind share.

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