Tiefergehende Technologiekritik

I refuse to accept that the only good response to an imperfect technology is to abandon it. We need more specific criticisms than the ever-present feeling that „’something’s not right.“ What thing? Developing a political agenda to remake, improve, or forbid technologies requires some sort of rubric: how can I judge what I’m using? What are the deleterious impacts? How are they specific to these media and this time? Which effects are caused by the technologies and which are enabled by the technologies and which just happen to occur through the technologies? What are the ethics? What are the mechanics? What is the baseline?

–Alexis Madrigal, ‚Camp Grounded,‘ ‚Digital Detox,‘ and the Age of Techno-Anxiety

Einer der prägensten Absätze für mich in den letzten Monaten.

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