Chris Heathcote bei den Do Lectures

> Chris, a designer and computer programmer, asks how computers will change your life, and what happens when technology and genetics collide. The answers are complex and we may not want to know them. His talk created more debate in the canteen than almost any other.

[Chris Heathcote](’s [Vortrag]( von den diesjährigen [Do Lectures]( ist online. Er fokussiert sich auf die letzten Entwicklungen in der Genetik, was wir inzwischen über unsere eigenen Gene wissen können und was die Konsequenzen daraus sind.

> As an individual – if you don’t have literacy with science or technology, you’re at a disadvantage. I may not go quite as far as Program Or Be Programmed, but it’s definitely no longer funny to laugh away lack of technical prowess. Technology directly affects lives every moment and every decision, and unless you understand what and how the technology works, and who and why they are using it, you’re being blindly led.

Hier sind seine Folien zum Vortrag mit seinen Notizen:

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