PR 2.0

Sam Lawrence wünscht sich das seine PR Agentur über die Zusammenarbeit bloggt. Aber die weigert sich. Brian Solis setzt sich mit diesem Thema ausführlich auseinander. PR 2.0:

The questions for Jive’s agency to ask are, „Will blogging about this or other relationships benefit existing or potential clients? Will we establish thought leadership or give away our ideas. Are we capable of writing authentically and not like most PR people? Will this blog hurt or help relationships with media, analysts and bloggers?“ The process of thinking about this will yield invaluable insight, which can only help companies create a relevant and specific roadmap to define content, readers, format, and approach. I guess I should say, that this process is an absolute must before any company decides to blog, otherwise they’re just blogging to blog (blah blah blah blah) – and that’s never a good idea in the world of real business.

(via Martin Recke)

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