Wofür arbeite ich?

Ich frage mich gerade viel, was ich eigentlich will, gerade mit dem ganzen Businesszeug usw. Wieviel will ich Geld verdienen, wieviel Zeug machen, das mich flasht, wieviel Leute supporten usw.? Alles nicht so leicht zu greifen und zu formulieren. Aber manchmal lese ich dann Dinge wie die nachfolgenden und fühle mich mit meinen Gedanken nicht allein auf der Welt.

Dave Rosen in Getting Happier, Step 1: Don’t dance with the money devil

[…]Since the dawn of time people would work for survival or food – things much more real than money. When progress and industry brought rapid change the world became material and money represented everything. Pavlov trained a dog to drool by the sound of a bell rather than from getting food. People were trained to drool by the color of money rather than being happy. I lived for sometime in China where money was out of the equation and was amazed by the enormous focus on family and community that seems to be missing in the west.That’s why recently when I was offered a job with the 2nd biggest company in the world I said no. The pay was just ridiculous high. It was located in a massive complex where they had their own restaurants and gym. They were even using cutting edge technology. But at the end of the day the main reason I would be doing it was for the money. Life is just too short for that. However when 37signals wanted Futuretrack5 to work on a project for them it was the reverse. I insisted no payment because if we began building the project because we were getting paid, there would be no heart and the passion would go.[…]

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