London im Markenwürgegriff

the marketeers are way ahead of the urbanists in understanding how the city works.

Das wird London während der olympischen Spiele auf extreme Weise zu spüren bekommen, wie auf Kosmograd eindrücklich beschrieben wird.

The Brand Exclusion Zone is the newest form of urban demarcation, and can be used not only to affect signage and advertising, but also restrict personal freedom of choice. […] London has surrendered the traditional rights to the city to the demands of the Olympic ‚family‘ and their corporate paymasters. What the IOC want, London will give. London will be on brand lockdown.

Kurz zusammengefasst: Während der olympischen Spiele gibt es Markensperrzonen um die Austragungsstätten, in denen ausschließlich die offiziellen Sponsorenmarken erlaubt sind.
Damit stirbt auch mein letztes bisschen Interesse an den olympischen Spielen. Oder wie unsere Freunde von UrbanScale sagen würden: “Londoners, don’t forget: you are the city!”

Link: Olympics Brand Exclusion Zone

Jan Chipchase über vernetzte Städte

I raise these questions not to cast doubt on the new public/private infrastructure–one that blurs the roles of citizens’ public and private lives, as well as the changing balance between the public and the private sectors in numerous cities turning to corporations to upgrade and update urban environments. Instead, I hope to provoke both cities and companies to consider the possible dilemmas that the new models will face: Who has the rights to exploit what happens on your sidewalk? Your neighborhood? Your roads? What are the rules? Who sets them? Who profits?

Jan Chipchase, Chef-Researcher bei frog, gibt auf designmind eine solide Einführung in das Thema ‚Vernetzte Städte‘ mit den Chancen und aber auch den Herausforderungen, die sich dabei gerade bieten und stellen. Wer einen Einstieg in das Thema sucht, ist hier gut bedient. Wer dann mehr wissen will, dem seien die Videos unserer CoCities Konferenz empfohlen.

Link: The Networked Urban Environment


Dan Hill in seinem Artikel zur Lift-Konferenz:

I have a policy of making sure I escape any conference at some point to see the host city via a long, long walk, and my jetlag necessitates as much exposure to fresh air and pale sun as I can justify. With a flying visit such as this, that means skipping a session this afternoon, so apologies to those speakers I missed. Yet I always find the experience of a few hours tramping around a new map, understanding the city through my camera and other senses, to be as inspiring and enlightening as the conference content itself.

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