Noah Brier über Komplexität

As much as it may pain our self-confidence, the reality is that almost anything that involves lots of people doing something is too complex to explain in a sentence. Apple is not successful because of design, MySpace didn’t disappear because they covered their site in ads and the financial crisis didn’t happen because bankers were greedy. Sure, all those things were factors, but Apple spends around three-quarters of a billion dollars on advertising, MySpace was originally built on ColdFusion for simplicity’s sake and many of us bought things we couldn’t afford. We should never stop searching for the answers, but if we really want to try and understand we must try to place the answers we find in the larger context.

‚Embrace complexity‘ ist einer der Kernansätze für den Umgang mit konstanter Veränderung, die wir für uns bei Third Wave definiert haben, und gleichzeitig der am schwierigsten umzusetzende.

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