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O Graphicalliance
Ich höre häufiger Designer, die Christen sind darüber reden, dass man mal sowas wie nen Zusammenschluss von „christlichen Designern“ machen müsste. Ich wundere mich dann, warum man nicht einfach mal außerhalb des Ghettos denkt und sich sowas hier anschließt. Btw. in der ganzen Mitgliederliste habe ich niemanden aus Deutschland gefunden.

The Graphic Alliance is a network of graphic designers, web developers and related workers who promote fundamental social change through their work.

We are committed to helping build a new social order based on direct democracy, communal economics, human rights and ecological sensibility. We believe that design and technology are important aspects of the struggle for freedom, peace and social justice. We stand united in our opposition to concentrated power, discrimination and oppression in its many forms. We promote social ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology and the means of communication.

We join together in the spirit of autonomy, mutual aid and open collaboration.

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