Warum Werber bloggen sollten

Es gibt smarte Leute bei Avenua A | Razorfisch, der Mutteragentur von Neue Digitale. Z.B. David Deal, Marketing Director in Superhype » Blog Archive » Boy, did I screw up:

At a time when Forrester Research urges agencies to become more connected with consumers, marketing executives need to think like this: “Blog as much as you can to stay connected to the world around you. In all things, strive for balance. Don’t let your other work responsibilities interfere with your blogging, and don’t let blogging interfere with your other work responsibilities.” Forrester’s new report, “The Connected Agency,” urges agencies to become active participants in consumer communities, not just observers. Employee blogging isn’t the answer to being a connected agency, but it’s an important part of having a real dialogue with your community, which leads to stronger consumer insight.

Ich kann die Aussage nur unterstützen. Mal sehen, wann die Erkenntnis bei der Tochteragentur ankommt…

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