Die „Initiative“ in Schweden und Metamoderna

Masha Gessen hat sich in Schweden die Entstehung der neuen Partei „Die Initiative“ angesehen. Sie startet ohne Programm, aber mit zwei Listen. Eine Liste mit Werten: „courage, openness, compassion, optimism, co-creation, and actionability“ und eine Liste mit gesellschaftlichen Krisen: „the crisis of faith in democracy, the environmental crisis, and the crisis of mental health“. Alle weiteren Details der Partei sollen in landesweiten Workshops entstehen.

Hanzi Freinacht und Metamoderna

Philosophical inspiration for the project came from the work of Emil Ejner Friis and Daniel Görtz, who together created Hanzi Freinacht, an imaginary “philosopher, historian, and sociologist” who lives in seclusion in the Swiss Alps. Freinacht blogs at metamoderna.org, where he puts forward ideas of a society based on the principles of metamodernism, a school of thought that purports to succeed postmodernism. Metamodernism combines the hope of modernism with the critique of postmodernism. It is both questioning and visionary, and it believes in the future. Most important, Freinacht writes, a metamodern politics moves beyond liberal ideas toward shared responsibility for maximizing the happiness and health of everyone in the world. Welfare, in metamodern politics, must not merely guarantee material well-being and physical health but also “a listening society, where every person is seen and heard.”

Link: The Invention of a New Kind of Political Party in Sweden