Musikperle: Sign The Drafts EP von This Mess Is Mine


Durch den Kommentar von Benjamin habe ich mal wieder Aerotone vorbei geschaut, einem weiteren Netlabel, dass ich sehr empfehlen kann. Dort habe ich Lars Kranholdt aka This Mess Is Mine gefunden, einem Musiker aus Berlin, der bisher zwei Releases auf Aerotone veröffentlicht hat. Insbesondere seine aktuelle EP „Sign The Drafts“ verdient mein Lieblingsattribut „wunderschön“. Lange nicht mehr so angetan gewesen. Perfekte Musik für den Spätsommer.

After a year of no sign, Lars Kranholdt strikes back with a folk loaded EP that will break your little hearts. Check out the seven nearly completely acoustic songs and become a roommate.

There have been some up and downs since the release of the „Weekend EP“ and a wanted compensation to an acoustic level, that brought Lars to this handsome collection of songs. Even some of the always beloved blips and beebs were too noisy to use.
So he let his laptop closed, sat down with his old breaky guitar and wrote some songs, that weren’t even planned to release. He found old sketches of words, old letters of friends and old tokens of affection. And this is what he found : seven reasons to write these beautiful songs.

And this is also what you will find : seven reasons to listen to!

Sehr, sehr dope, dass man so etwas kostenlos hier herunterladen kann.

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