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  • Fiodor Sumkin

    Sehr derbes Zeug: My name is Fiodor Sumkin, I am an illustrator based in Amsterdam, where I produce illustrations mostly with traditional fine art media. „Foam of the Daze“ is an inside look into my mind, some people call it Portfolio. Fiodor Sumkin | Foam of the Daze v2.0 (via agenturblog) technorati tags:portfolio, illustrator, design

  • Blogtipp: Web Worker Daily

    Mobile electronics, wireless networks and online applications aren’t just shifting workflow paradigms, but also social etiquette, management policies and business models. A new tribe of bedouin has evolved, with laptops instead of camels, hopping between wifi hotspots like oases. It is high time that net set should openly, in the face of the whole world, […]

  • 24-7prayer.de

    Letzte Woche habe ich mit Micha vor allem an der neuen Webseite für 24-7prayer Deutschland gearbeitet. Die ist nun online gegangen. Schaut’s euch an! Mehr zum Thema: 24-7prayer