The iPad and the curated web

My friend Igor asked “I don’t want a curated Internet. Do you?” Here’s my answer:

Actually, yes, I want a curated internet. I would go crazy with the information overload if I wouldn’t have any curation. I want instances to decide what they want to pass on to me and what not and give me the best stuff only. But, I want to decide myself who these instances are. I want to choose them and drop them again however I feel like. I basically want to curate my curators. And I want free access to the source material always.

And that’s why the iPad is an intricated ecosystem for me (including the iPhone etc.). If you look only at the apps first, I can choose my curators by choosing different apps. I can have the NY Times app or the BILD app or both. There are endless possibilities to create a curated access to news and information however I like it. Biggest problem is of cause that all the apps have to get Apple’s approval which is the source for most of the criticism and rightly so because Apple could fix that by allowing me to install unapproved apps on my own responsibility. That’s my demand to Apple.

Nevertheless (and that’s where I think the Forrester article is wrong), there is an uncontrolled access to the web on any iPhone OS device called a browser. Steve Jobs may not like it, but I can watch porn on any iPhone OS device if I want to (and don’t have to get an Android phone for that as Steve suggested it). And even if I don’t trust Apple’s own Mobile Safari, I can choose another browser like Opera or Atomic Web. It’s also interesting to me to see how many apps have actually a browser build into it because the developer knows that the web doesn’t work in a completely fenced in way.

I second the main point of your article. I just want to make sure, we always get the details correct. I don’t want to see the open movement go down the same path as Greenpeace, blurring the details to create a witch hunt.

Now, the whole discussion about egos vs. the masses is a topic for another day because it’s even more complex then this.