Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work

Another great rant by Jason Fried from 37signals, talking about the problems of the modern workplace. Provoking and maybe a bit to broad of a brush stroke. Not really anything he hasn’t said before. But what’s interesting to me is that my own situation has changed so that I have a new perspective on it. 

Now that I am my own employer, I have much more freedom on how to organize my own way to work. Well, not as free as a solo self employed as I have two co-founders. But nevertheless, I can be much more flexible. So, what am I doing with this freedom?

I totally agree with Fried that the deep thinking and ideation is usually not happening at my desk at the office. It never has. Too much distraction and disruption happening constantly, even at a three person company. Nevertheless, the office is the right space to coordinate, plan and connect which is an important part of founding and running your own company. 

The big question for me is how to organize my work time between the office, my home, coffeeshops, trains etc. I’m a believer in using every place for what it does best. So my home is great for writing and thinking in the morning when I’m the most awake. Coffeeshops and trains are good for soaking up all kinds of inspiration and information through reading and browsing. 

My ideal work day may look something like this: Starting at home, writing and brainstorming for a couple of hours. Go to lunch and spend one or two hours in a café to read. Go to the office to work on maintenance and planning tasks, coordinate stuff with my co-founders etc. So much for the theory. Gonna reality check that approach throughout the next week. 

Btw. 37signals build a new office recently and put a lot of thought into the challenges that Fried mentioned in his talk. I think the office turned out quite inspirational.