Detroit Lives

Talking about brand destruction, one city that has it pretty bad right now is Detroit. If you listen to the general media outlook for the city, it sounds like everybody should just pack it up, move away and abandon the city to slowly be taken over by wild nature. But the one thing that still inspires me the most about America is the spirit that makes a few people stick up their middle finger to mainstream media and see hope and possibilities where the mainstream only sees decay. So to check out what’s really going on in Detroit, Johnny Knoxville and a film-crew from Vice got there to take a look at the city and meet the people who wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. 


I first stumbled upon something more happening in Detroit than just rotting when I read the reports (1, 2) about the Maker Faire there. It sounded very much like what Cory Doctorow was fictionally predicting in his book Makers about the d.i.y./makers-movement. 

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